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Puerto Vallarta Activities & Attractions

This beautiful tourist destination in the Mexican state of Jalisco, located facing the magnificent Mexican Pacific Ocean, is famous thanks to the beauty of its beaches and also for being surrounded by different zones of high (tourism) development, furthermore, settled almost in Jalisco state limits and Nayarit state beaches along its popular Bandera Bay. Visit the Mismaloya Beach, a famous beach which served as setting for the movie film “The Night of the Iguana”, featuring actors like: Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor; Los Muertos Beach, located in Viejo Vallarta, this beach is also known as the Puerto Vallarta’s romantic zone. The jetty is one of the most important spots granting tourists a privileged setting and spectacular views from all over its shores.

However, the charm of this fascinating destination amazes both domestic and foreign travelers by the number of adventures to get involved with during your next visit. Next we list you some of the main activities for you to experience in Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta has earned fame among this fancy sport’s enthusiasts, offering the best settings and the most celebrated tournaments in the state, granting worldwide quality that makes it an amazing attraction as well. Some of the main courses are “Marina Vallarta” located in the Marina Corridor, it features 18 holes par 72; “Vista Vallarta Golf Club” located in the University Circuit, offering two courses of 18 holes, par 71; “Flamingos Golf Club” located 14 km away towards the airport north, offering a course of 18 holes, par 72; and “Four Seasons Punta Mita Golf Course” located in Punta Mita, Banderas Bay (Nayarit), featuring 19 holes, par 72.


As for flora and fauna appreciation, Puerto Vallarta is an amazing destination to do so, also going for a photo safari or simply touring peacefully while you creating environmental awareness. Colomitos is ideal to go for a hike and appreciating from a short distance the birds, butterflies, geckos and tropical trees. In the Marietas Islands, you will be amazed with the caves, canyons and cliffs, and imposing endemic species such as: the blue legged Bobo bird native from the Marietas Islands and the Green Loudmouth bird. The Arcos is another splendid place, a submarine park identified by its three arches shaped by marine erosion throughout thousands of years, where more than 350 species coexist. Boca de Tomates, the river mouth of Ameca River is a very attractive spot since, during the months of July and December, children and adults along collaborate in the release of baby (Marine) Turtles’.

Hunchback Whale Watching

One of the ecological beauties to admire from in Puerto Vallarta is the adventure tour, appreciating the beauty, the harmony and grace from the Hunchback Whales that come to these coasts to pair and give birth to babies, as well as the dolphins that inhabit Banderas Bay. The Hunchback Whales can only be seen during the winter season, though; you will be able to watch the dolphins play in the port all year round. This tour, without a doubt is totally worth it, since in top of all, you will get to meet the beaches that surround Banderas’ Bay. In the coast zone you can find service providers that set up this matchless tour for you.


Experience the thrilling sensation of swimming along dolphins in this modern dolphin pool where people of all ages can interact side by side with the “Bottle Nose” dolphins that coexist in the ocean pacific. The dolphins’ programs are interactive and educational, and seek an appropriate mix of amusement, learning and challenge for all ages; offering everyone the unique opportunity to learn while you swim and play along with the dolphin family in the sophisticated lagoon of salty water.

Sport Fishing

Just as other coastal destinations along the Mexican Pacific, the sport fishing in Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the best ones in the world, whether is fishing in the deep or individually. The best season to make a great catch is November to May, especially because this is the season when the Sail Fish proliferates in coast.

The Catch and Release fishing modality is getting more popular by the day among fishermen that are making conscience about preserving and increasing fish species for the fishing sport around the world. This high class fishing modality encourages fishermen to make conscience and be responsible for the preservation of our valuable fishing resources for forthcoming generations. This consists in catching a specimen and after measuring it and taking its picture; it can be released back into the ocean.

Scuba, Snorkeling and Kayaking

Banderas Bay is a sanctuary with great marine abundance, becoming a “must do” activity for the scuba diving and snorkeling practice, an experience full of fun for the entire family. Your day is full of amusement, learning and challenge, while you get to practice snorkeling, kayak or scouting the tropical ecosystems in the isolated and the secluded beaches surrounding the stunning Banderas Bay.

Throughout your tour, you are guided by experienced and certified guides, who make sure that everything is setup properly for your tour; with the most advanced gear, so you have a fabulous time and feel like coming back soon.

Extreme Sports

Only for those ones who dare to experience the heaviest adrenaline rush, challenging skills, giving that adventurous feel to the trip, you can find the most challenging activities in this port.

The Bungee Jumping in Puerto Vallarta is located at the 9 km marker over the highway towards Mismaloya. The fall is over 36 meters high, it can also be performed at Boca de Tomatlan, only 16 km away southwest from this destination. Heading over to Las Animas, towards the city’s southwest, you can challenge the wind on a thrilling tour on parachute. In Yelapa, 30 km away southwest Puerto Vallarta, you find paragliding activities as well.

For those Surf enthusiasts, in Puerto Vallarta you find high waves and the proper wind to take over the board and waves. The best spots to practice this sport are in Boca de Tomates beach, only 10 km northwest Puerto Vallarta and at Playa de Oro, ideal for amateur surfers due to its quiet waves.